New Orleans Breakbeat, Electro New Orleans is definitely unique. When mentioned the city's name brings images of Mardi Gras, exceptional dining, Southern hospitality, The French Quarter, Garden District, Anne Rice, Trent Reznor and, of course... Voodoo. In 1995 Dj Voodoo started Black Magic Records with longtime friend Michael Scott aka The Liquid Method/ Dj DemonixxTheir first release, "Everybody Thinks I'm High... and I am!" was a great success. It got heavy rotation both stateside and abroad. The song appeared on many compilations and started it's commercial success once The Chemical Brothers were charting this single in all the hottest UK Dance music magazines. Of course, the impact of this record was only the beginning on massive things. After extensive touring and many releases under Black Magic, Dj Voodoo took a much needed break and traveled from New Orleans to South Florida and then to Northern California before returning back to the Big Easy to finally take root. He has never been as inspired and with him back dabbling behind a mixing desk we can be assured we haven't seen anything yet. The real magic is yet to come.