Beatseed - Boombox Theory (DELETED)

CAT #: JOU411

UPC: 6 40687 04112 7

Label: Journees Music

Style: Breakbeat, Chemical Beats, Electronica


Since first heaing these Tacoma natives, Journees has been in negotiation with Beatseed for quite some time. The group formerly enjoyed sucess with their released harder edge industrial-tinted techno under the name Black Brick. After a fierce bidding war, Journees has released Beatseed from their contract with Los Angeles based Thrive and are running full-speed ahead with this great electronica act. Beatseed have been featured on several Journees releases to date including their remix of Subculture and Dj Liquid's Dreams. Dj Liquid remixed their Busted track and released it under the Yakuza name. Unlike most artists who are trapped in certain veins of this electronica genre, Beatseed is equally at home releasing techno, trance, acid, funky techno, drum&bass, etc. They have been heard on the radio, MTV's Real World and several cds and underground mixtapes. Another top-quality release from Journees that is guaranteed to get dancefloors and cars poppin'.


01. Intro

02. Subculture

03. Moonboots (High Up-Low Down tweak)

04. All in a Daze Work

05. Beat Slinger

06. Come Down to This

07. Taking a Ride

08. Downtown Trippin'

09. Four Track Mind

10. Perpetual Motion

11. My Mind Goes...

12. One