DJ Liquid - The Remix Project
Journees 1999
[Tech House Breaks]


It's so wicked we should bold it all: Dj Liquid and his staff @ the prestigious Journees Music are the hardest working people in the business and the next big artist/ label to emerge. Think of them as the Puff or Masta of techno/ house. This cd features a wide range of refined talent... a top-notch remix compilation as the follow up to DJ LIQUID'S hot new debut release JOURNEES. This cd starts the listener's journey off strong with Yakuza's (featuring Dj Liquid) remix of Beatseed's (Thrive) new single Busted. Immediately following is the return of Teknostep with his Toronto-flavored Pressing On tech-house remix. Next up is Chicago-native drum and bass legend Dj 3D who recently signed to Bad Boy Bill's MCM. The true flavors of trip-hop shine thru with the flow supreme from Silicon Valley's L.S.P. rapping ontop of a reworking of the Techno Power Dub. For a refreshing change of pace comes one of America's most renown and experienced producers, Long Island's Vicious Vic (Caffeine, Nervous, ESP-SUN, etc) with his newest epic progressive creation, Unknown Elements, which is currently under dj Liquid's reconstructive surgery. This song ups Journees' ante with Vic's "East Coast bassy, acidy, trancey, flipped over with a breaky finale." Keeping it up is Phattraxx Records' founder and co-owner Dj Rob-E (Orlando, FL) with his acidic funk Phat Pharm mix. Coppe' (Tokyo/ Phoenix, AZ) jumps back in the mix for a quick guest appearance. Here comes the drums with 1/2 of Expansion Union (as featured on the Blade movie soundtrack) with Geo Javier's "Getto Blaster" mix. Keeping the bass pumpin is Dj Hip-E and Red Void as DefCon6 and their wicked "This is the mix?" remix pf Wollop da Trollop. Keeping it kicking is Detroit-native dj Will Web (Astralwerks, UR, etc), with his last project before making his move to Miami from our country's industrial city. The legend's continue their guest appearances with Mark Gage aka Vapourspace's (+8) chunky Frogger mix. Helping you come down is Ian Peel (UK - Dj Mag, ON Mag, Rough Guides, 808 State management, etc) with his stony trip-hop Vertigo mix of Seven Years.




busted (yakuza's ancient chinese secret mix)

teknostep's Pressing On remix

wollop da trollop dj 3d's mix

techno power dub - l.s.p.'s psychic dreams mix

unknown feelings - vicious vic's original mix

sugar high - dj rob-e's phat pharm mix

intermission by coppe'

wollop da trollop - geo javier's (expansion union) "getto blaster" mix

wollop da trollop - defcon 6's "this is the mix?" remix

the blue spotted frog - will web's spaceship bound for miami mix

serpernt's kiss - mark gage's vapourspace frogger mix

seven years - ian peel's vertigo mix

the blue spotted frog - acapella mix