DJ Liquid - Electro Acid Funk 4
Cat #: JOU412

Label: Journees Music

File Under: Electronica, breakbeat, dance

UPC#: 6 40687 04122 6

Street Date: 6.5.00


The mastermind and founder of Journees Music busts out with the fourth and final installment of the ElectroAcidFunk series with EAF4 (pumpin' porno beats). This is an extraordinary mix compilation of big bass beats, funky techno, bangin' hard house, techno, and acid with a twist of trance. The artists featured include Dj Liquid, Chris Rayce aka Bahamut (Swell,, Chris Anderson (Chemistry, Crackhouse, Terry Mullen's Catalyst), DefCon6 (Dj Hip-E and Red Void), LSP's Al Mind, Damon Downs, Echosphere, Dj Scientist, Beatseed, Yakuza (Dj Liquid & Matt Mau), and Subculture (Dj Liquid and John Lee). Subculture's self-titled song was licensed to Segasoft's top-selling PC game SCUD, The Industrial Evolution. Echosphere's tracks are featured on their self-titled debut CD (Journees), available now and Beatseed's 3 songs are available on their debut full-length release, Boombox Theory, also available on Journees Music.


Artist Title Remix
Yakuza Busted Original
Dj Liquid EMP  
Dj Liquid Air Strike Chris Rayce's remix
Yakuza Busted

Chris Anderson's Wide World of Warts

Echosphere Pulse Chris Anderson's Mad Scientist remix
Dj Liquid Techno Power Dub  
Dj Liquid Breakdown  
Echosphere Titan  
Echosphere Supercharger  
Echosphere Acid Breaks  
Beatseed Downtown Trippen'  
Beatseed Beatslinger  
Beatseed 4-Track Mind  
Subculture Subculture  
Subculture Sugar High DefCon6's "This is the Mix?" remix featuring Dj Hip-E and Red Void