This is the offical Journees® Music Logos and Artwork Download Page

This section includes electronic downloadable files containing our Company's and associate's logos. These files are for use with promotional material and in creating collateral material. This area will be updated often ­ bookmark this URL and check back regularly for the latest information.

The thumbnails on the left side of this page below link to full-size downloadable artwork. To download a file, click on format you wish underneath the logo. Then right click on the file you wish to download. On the pop-up menu, select "Save This Image As" and choose a file destination.










Logo and Trademark Usage Guidelines

Journees®, Journees Music, and Subculture Agency are internationally registered trademarks. In order to preserve their value, logos must be used correctly in all media at all times.

General guidelines for using Company's logos

Always reproduce the logo from an approved logo sheet or from an electronic logo template. Use the logo as it appears, never with other words, graphics or alterations, unless otherwise approved in writing. If placing the logo on a screened or colored background it may be better to include a white "field" or box surrounding the logo. Our logos are pieces of artwork ­ they may not be used in body copy or in headlines without written permission. We ask you to put "" along with Company's logo(s).

General guidelines for using our trademarks

Use a "®" with the word "Journees®" in the logo. The "®" must appear in superscript. Refer to the downloadable files for examples. The "®" should never be cut off or changed in position. A "®" should also be used with Company's the first time it is mentioned in copy. Further mentions of Company in the same ad or article do not need a "®."

Size Guidelines

Company's logo(s) should never appear smaller than 1/2" across. The logo must always include the background white "field" as clear space.

Legal Guidelines

Company's logos are pieces of proprietary artwork and should not be altered in any way.


Journees Music® is a trademark, used under license, and a wholly-owned division of Silicon Valley Holdings™, Inc. Subculture Agency is a trademark, used under license.