The Club at Firestone, The Edge, The Beachum Theater, Marz...- many institutions of electronic music have risen in the southeast music scene, and one DJ that has played a part and gained immeasurable respect in all of them is DJ Rob-E. Over the last twenty years, he has moved thousands along a musical spectrum of disco, funk, alternative, hip-hop, and the most up-front electronic music. His talents as a DJ and producer have earned him accolades through his career and he shows no sign of slowing down during the new millennium.

Rob-E's musical specialty is undoubtedly breaks. He continuously slams out sets full of funk at his Florida residencies and all throughout the United States and abroad. Club goers flock to experience his sets because they have witnessed him before or recognize the name from his nationwide CD releases. The first, Orlando Breakz captured Rob-E's signature sound and sold over 15,000 copies. His second contribution to the series, Orlando Breakz Volume 2 shot off shelves faster than the first. It has sold 60,000 copies and continues to sell two years later.

Just like Orlando Breakz Volume 1 and 2, Rob-E realized success as a producer in 1995. His self-produced single, "Let the beat control your body " was an immediate smash hit in the clubs and was licensed to over 12 mix CD compilations. His second single, "Listen" was just as big of a hit, Being licensed to numerous compilation CD's including Ink 19 Magazine's "The Best Florida Artists of 1999".

Rob-E's accomplishments and experience have already eclipsed many DJ's dreams, but he continues to tirelessly expand and intensify his universal appeal. His newest enterprise is his own record label U.S.A. Records - the Underground Sounds of America. The first releases include Future Funk Volume 1 and 2 on which Rob-E is the owner, producer, and artist.

For over twenty-two years, he has proven his ability to sell, produce, and make thousands upon thousands dance. His accomplishments have solidified DJ Rob-E as a major force on the dance floor. If the past is any indication of the future, expect him to continue inspiring dance floors into break-beat ecstasy. However, now with U.S.A. Records it may be one of his tracks making you move while he is not even in the building. Keep your eyes and ears open, for here comes DJ Rob-E!


Security was interested in music since he was 3 years old listening to his father mastering the 12 string guitar. He was always blown away by the ability of a person's skills to mesmerize a musical instrument.

Before he discovered turntables he was "pause and recording" old school rap and bass tapes, as if he were remixing, at the age of 12. What really started it was his first club job at the age of 18 yrs old; at the legenendary EDGE as head of security, he heard the sounds of DJ Icey, Babyanne and STYLUS. Blown away with the beginning of the breakbeat movement he was interested in learning to spin. One night at Babyanne’s birthday she handed him an old school record "feel the bass" and told him to play it. He did and that’s when it began. Picking up on pointers from Babyanne and Stylus, he practiced 7-8 hours a day, 7 days a week, for 6 months and became a well skilled and intelligent DJ.

Playing at clubs like the Edge, the club @ Firestone, Ultra violet, and head resident DJ at Cyberzone for 2 1/2 years. Security was the first to bring the dark Euro electro bass sound to the Central FL area.

Now teamed up with the infamous DJ Rob-e they are traveling form coast to coast. A master of engineering and production this team will be a force reckoned with. Doing remixes for Funkwax, Twilight Grooves, South beach Underground, Ministry of sound, running his label FUNDAMENTAL BREAKZ COLLECTIVE, and being an active member in the Worldwide underground movement.

Security has many scheduled releases for 2002 and will be at a record store near you. Make sure you check out the new Rob-e and Security tracks at a store near you.

Watch out as security will be traveling to a city near you!


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Fundamental Breakz

Orlando Breakz 2

Future Funk 1.0

Orlando Breakz Vol. 1

ROB E & SECURITY Low Freak (Madame Mercury & DJ Liquid Rmx)