Artist: Toil

Hometown: Memphis, TN

Members: Mary Smith & Justin Eno

Aliases: DJ Mary Jane / Eno aka ?Confusion?

Genres: Techno / Minimal / Electro

Toil's "take no prisoners" approach to proper, underground techno, sends listeners down the rabbit hole and back again, with their no frills, solid, and heavy hitting techno sounds. This sonic collaboration comes to life full force, by the master minds of DJ Mary Jane & Eno aka ?Confusion?. This musical fusion formed after the two veteran DJ's shared a common bond with music tastes, and showcased a totally live weekly tag team online radio show entitled  "Release" on LFO Radio, as well as being managers for the TN chapter of the worldwide Detroit based crew entitled Bang Tech 12. The duo evolved originally and gained experience from the metal/ industrial scenes back in the day, with Mary Jane playing drums in a garage band, and Eno as lead vocalist for a touring theatrical metal band. After time they both took that knowledge and experience and focused on the techno sounds coming out of Detroit, Berlin and around the world. After performing for years,throwing countless underground parties, and hosting stages at one of the most premier outdoor festivals, the pair of friends wanted to push the envelope once more, and take it to the next level. Toil was formed in order to focus on music construct dark, haunting, and sinister sounds, coming straight from the heart and burning holes in the soul. Toil's "straight up no chaser" techno blend of mechanical melodies and alien atmospherics, will push all sound boundaries and demolish the stereotypes.